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"Special Invitation to Launch Event of SDG Investor Map, UNDP South Africa"

On September 29th 2020, the UNDP South Africa held a virtual event to launch its SDG Investor Map. The SDG Investor Map is a platform that has been developed by steering committee of UNDP with the aim to provide an overview of investment opportunities in Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare and Agriculture.

At the special invitation of the UNDP South Africa, Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung was invited to give a Message of Goodwill, where he emphasized the urgent need for stakeholders to work together through promoting investments and sustainable financing in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in line with a global call to promote economic growth, protect the planet and support underdeveloped countries.

Chairman also gave valuable insights on contribution towards rebuilding of economies post COVID-19. In particular, he mentioned the emerging sustainable investment opportunities in healthcare, increased demand for online and remote services with the ongoing promotion of digitization, rapid growth of smart infrastructure such as 5G communication, AI, ICT, electronic payment services and security systems, as well as expansion of consumption centered on family life with economy at home.

In closing, Dr. Jung shone light on key areas that MK has been deeply involved in the past merely 4-decades, especially in International Business of Infrastructure Development of Airports, Metros, Roads., Housing, Agriculture and Renewable Energies of Solar, Wind, etc.

Dr. Jung, on behalf of M.K International Inc., congratulated the UNDP South Africa for the important work they had done in putting together the SDG Investor Map and expressed MK looking forward to utilizing the platform in mapping out areas where MK can directly be involved towards partnership between the UNDP South Africa and MK for mutual benefits.

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