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Business Trip to Conakry, Guinea

Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, the esteemed Chairman of M.K International Inc., embarked on a crucial trip to Guinea in early September. The purpose of this ten-day trip was to clarify the details of a previously agreed upon mining deal centered around Bauxite Ore. It was an important step in the company’s effort to expand its bauxite mining activities and strengthening its presence in the African market. During the stay, Dr. Jung had the privilege of not only witnessing the mining operations firsthand but also interacting with the local workforce. This offered him valuable insights into Guinea's bauxite resources and a deeper understanding of the country's mining landscape.

The Chairman of M.K also stopped in Dubai to engage in important discussions with partners regarding petrochemical products such as diesel, crude oil, and natural gas. During the meeting, Dr. Jung expressed his satisfaction with the progress made and conveyed his gratitude for the hard work and dedication shown by the partners. The intensive discussions resulted in a successful outcome, highlighting the effectiveness of collaboration and the commitment of all parties involved.


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