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General Trading for Imports and Exports

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  • Crude Oil (ESPO), Diesel (EN590)

  • Natural Resources (Iron Ore, Bauxites, Manganese, Copper Cathod, Chrome, etc.)

  • Customized Design for Construction Materials of Doors and Frame

  • Equipment and Machinery

  • General Commodities

  • Gold and Precious Stones

  • Manufacturing Equipment of Order Made

  • Marble, Onyx Products

  • Other Miscellaneous Chemical Items

  • Steel and Metal Tube, Sheet, etc.

  • Wood Logs, Timbers, and Chemicals

  • Wooden Crafts, Hand-knotted Carpets

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  • Construction Materials

  • Electronic Fixtures, Equipment, Appliances etc.

  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery

  • Meat Products: chicken&pork

  • Medical Products: masks, gloves, test kits etc.

  • Melamine Table Wares and Kitchen Wares

  • Petrochemical Products: gas&oil

  • Plumbing and Mechanical Equipment and Fixtures

  • Small and Medium Scale Plant

  • Solar System  and Water Desalination products

  • Steel and Metalic Tubes, Sheets, Pipes

  • Textile Yarns and Stocked Fabrics

  • Various Kinds of Commodities

  • Wood, Steel, and Plastics Products

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