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GICFO Conference in Beijing, China

Dr. Jung, Chairman of M.K International Inc. and Chairman of the Asia-Africa Business Council (AABC) UN Initiatives, was recently invited to an international forum in Beijing. This forum, organized by GICFO, took place on September 19 and brought together influential leaders from around the world. Prior to participating in this forum, Dr. Jung had just returned from Guinea, where he had been fulfilling his duties as Chairman of M.K International Inc. Immediately after returning from Guinea, Dr. Jung had to travel to China to give the opening speech at the prestigious 9th Global Chinese Influence Awards in Beijing. The ceremony was of particular significance as it coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and People's Day commemorating the 130th birthday of Chairman Mao Zedong. Dr. Jung's role as Chairman of AABC highlights his respected reputation and his ability to contribute to important global initiatives. Overall, Dr. Jung's participation in this important event demonstrates his commitment to advancing international relations and his desire for success in global business.

Dr. Jung gave a speech about the importance of international cooperation and the need to build a strong and prosperous world. He highlighted the importance of investment and business in driving economic growth and creating a better future for people all over the world. He also mentioned the need for enhanced collaboration and understanding between diverse cultures and nations, recognizing the potential of such harmonious alliances to foster peace, innovation, and shared progress on a global scale.


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