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2023 Recap: Highlights and Milestones

In a series of strategic moves, the Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, made significant strides this year, solidifying our international business endeavors in the ECOWAS Region, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Journey extended to Germany, where he signed a crucial Strategic Partnership Agreement with a renowned local law firm. This partnership proved instrumental in navigating the legal landscape, facilitating the establishment of a subsidiary M.K International Germany GmbH, that positions us to conduct business seamlessly in Europe. The collaboration with the prestigious law firm in Germany reflects foresight and commitment to establishing a strong foothold in the European market. Additionally, M.K engaged in fruitful discussions in the financing area with Banks marking a strategic exploration of financial partnerships.

The global outreach extended to the USA, Poland, and Belgrade, where M.K worked towards maturing business relationships and exploring new opportunities. These strategic visits reinforce our dedication to fostering international collaboration and expanding our business.

In the ECOWAS Region, Dr. Jung demonstrated a commitment to fostering international partnerships by making multiple visits to Guinea throughout the year. These visits were important in clarifying necessary details related to the Bauxite business, including shipment logistics, port arrangements, product specifications, and mining operations. The cumulative efforts resulted in the signing of a substantial contract to supply Bauxite to China, marking a significant milestone in the global trade of this valuable resource.

In Nigeria, Dr. Jung had successful leadership meetings regarding Edible Oil Manufacturing business, Solar Power Plant initiatives, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Also, efforts were made to establish a Green Economic Zone Project, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable business practices.

In the Middle East, particularly the UAE, Dr. Jung concentrated efforts on the Energy Sector, specifically oil and gas. Notable Partnership Agreements were established with S. Holding, F. Holding, and E. Global Companies, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and impactful ventures in the region.

The journey continued to several cities in China, including, QingDao, Dalian, Tianjin, and Beijing. Dr. Jung engaged in fruitful discussions primarily centered

As we conclude the year, M.K's strategic endeavors in ECOWAS Region, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond have positioned M.K at the forefront of international business. The successful signing of the Bauxite supply contract opens new opportunities in the commodities market, while the partnership in Germany lays a solid foundation for our European expansion. Our journey in 2023 has been marked by achievements that set the stage for continued success in the evolving global landscape.

We express gratitude to our partners and clients for their collaboration, and we eagerly anticipate another year of growth, innovation, and shared accomplishments in 2024.


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