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Chairman Message

Dr. Jung Hae-Jung




We are highly honored to take this opportunity to introduce M.K International Inc. to you, along with the business activities and services. Being a veteran in doing International Business for the past four decades, our business covers and serves more than 40 countries around the world.

M.K Group has been founded in 1981 by Dr. Hae-Jung Jung in Massachusetts, United States. Its original focus consisted in dealing with Industrial Engineering and International Trading activities. It then expanded its scope of business in the 1990s with manufacturing as well as consulting engineers for various project development of residential, commercial, industrial, environmental, transportation and infrastructural work.

With strong support mechanisms, ample experience, along with highly qualified technical and management experts, M.K has diversified its business capacity to a larger scale with international financing advisory work in order to meet the global requirements of the 21st century. M.K's business territory currently covers 5-oceanic and 6-continental global villages worldwide.  

In 2010, M.K tremendously strengthened its capacity to efficiently meet our respected customers' immediate needs, by mobilizing the best of business knowledge, with economical management systems, and vast international networks in leadership society based on highly advanced IT technology for its international financing and advisory activities.


M.K is ready to enter long-term strategic partnership relations with you towards the highest growth for a mutually beneficial bright future. You are more than welcome to join us at your convenience.

Best wishes,

Hae-Jung Jung, Ph.D

Chairman of M.K International Inc.

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