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"The 6th HDI Human Management Grand Awards Ceremony", South Korea 2020

On December 21st, 2020 "The 6th HDI Human Management Grand Awards Ceremony" was held at the Le Meridien Hotel in Seoul, Korea. The ceremony was organized by Human Development Institute (HDI), chairman of which is H.E Mr. HwangSik Kim, former PM and Representative is Hon. YongLin Moon, former Minister of Education of Korea.

The purpose of the award is to identify and admire the most respectable Top-10 Leaders of Korea, those who devoted their life to the society of Korea and world. After the recommendations made by the communal society, the strict evaluation was required to pass, due to the diligent processes by special evaluation committee consisting from 17 members.

At the closing ceremony, a total of 10 top leaders were awarded in 5 categories. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, Chairman of M.K International Inc. has been selected as a Grand Award Winner of Human Resources Education Category. Dr. Jung's award has a great meaning, that he was recognized for his contributions to the Human Resources Education, as well as the development of global talents.

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