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"Supply of PPE and Consulting Projects Financing" The United States of America 2020

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, international trade, and business transactions have been so sharply declined by heavily limiting international movement which has remarkably affected cross-border relations. Despite various challenges of the current business environment, Chairman of M.K, Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, took many risks to visit major cities of Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Dallas in the United States during November 11th-22nd, 2020 to continue carrying on various businesses with private and public sectors in the USA without delaying but amplifying them, then returned home safely after successful trips.

Dr. Jung along with the M.K management team in Northern America, including M.K Regional Executives, Mr. Seamus Day, Mr. Paul Babbini, and Mr. Ayo Giwa, joined to have in-depth discussions and needful decisions with local financial institutions, governments, and partners despite such a tightened schedule, for the areas of international financing of consulting engineers, exploration of COVID-19 related products (PPE) to the USA and neighboring countries such as Mexico. M.K management had an intensive discussion on manufacturing, supplying, logistics, and local distribution of PPE products for the contract already entered with P group worth $1 billion USD.

In addition, there were specific discussions held among public & private sectors consortium companies of the States in Washington DC to establish The US Medical Industrial Parks and its R&D Center in a couple of states where the PPE products can directly be supplied in a timely manner with required quality control. The project will tentatively be budgeted for approx. $250 million USD as phase 1 and to be executed during 2021 with MK as an exclusive partner on Joint-Venture platform. The responsible persons from The State Government, professionals in medical and financing sectors, as well as partnering L, N, and I companies were jointly participated in person or in zoom conferences.

The significant important subjects on international financing and consulting activities were mainly discussed and concluded to implement for 5-major projects in Korea, Asia, and Africa, value for approximately $2 billion USD from January 2021 for 4 years with direct involvement by highly recognized financial institution D and R companies as financing partners. M.K will continue to endeavor to more achievements with your continued attention to bring mutual benefits to all.


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