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"Global Leadership Displayed During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Supply of high-quality medical products (PPE) and water desalination plant.

M.K International Inc. has been doing intensive efforts to overcome the global pandemic and to curb the spread of the virus by supplying high quality PPE products at reasonable prices internationally.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, M.K has been intensively promoting exports of PPE products such as masks, gloves, automatic hand sanitizing machines, rapid virus test kits and others.

On October 8, 2020, Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung has visited the manufacturing factories of PPE products in the cities of Busan, Gimhae and Ansan (Korea) with a board of directors. Our continuous efforts led us to sign the contracts on exclusive sales of high quality medical products at reasonable prices to overseas countries.

On September 6, 2020 Dr. Jung has also visited a water desalination plant to inspect the details of manufacturing for further business discussions that M.K is currently undertaking. Water desalination is a process of purifying the sea water, river and underground water, which is needed in the areas, facing water shortage due to deteriorating water resource development conditions, pollution, waste, drought, weather disasters etc. Dr. Jung has verified the productivity and operating systems of the plant, and held a meeting with Executive Manager to discuss further exploration towards the global market places.


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