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Business Trip to Nigeria

In January 2023, the Chairman of M.K International Inc. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung embarked on a business trip to Nigeria to converse with KK Kingdom group and other business associates and fortify its corporate business ties. The primary focus of the business trip was on the Green Economic Zone (GEZ), Edible Oil Manufacturing business, Solar Power Plant, Pharmaceutical Industries and other business in Nigeria.

In Lagos, M.K Leadership met with national ruler Alhaji, had in-depth discussions with local partners, and also ran across potential new business associates. Following that, the M.K Delegation and KKK Group travelled to Kaduna State by private jet to meet with Kaduna Governor at his office-Kaduna State Government House.

M.K Leadership visited various public and private associates and observed first-hand the cutting-edge manufacturing processes like Green Economic Zone, Hotel Site of KKK Group and New Development Zone.

Also in Abuja, Dr. Jung participated in a video interview at Gotni Leadership Centre. In this interview, Dr. Jung emphasized the efforts to develop bilateral relationships between Nigeria and Korea and how they can tie it all together. Chairman of M.K also focused attention on the importance of leadership incubation for young people to plan their lives strategically and to be proud of their nation. He introduced an organization called Africa Insight and showed the willingness to expand it covering the ECOWAS Region.

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