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Official Visit: "Meetings with Grupo Boavida and Government Authorities for Future Business in

Chairman of M.K International Inc. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung proceed to visit country of Angola along with associates in fishery industries and marine industries under invitation made by the President of Grupo Boavida, Mr. Tomasz Dowbor on November 21-27, 2019 followed by visit of M.K by heir board of directors on July 17, 2019 exploring business relations.

At the initial meeting in Seoul, M.K Management met with representatives from Grupo Boavida, Ambassador Titular Andrzej Braiter and Mr. Telmo Silveira, Member of the Board. At this meeting they briefly discussed exploring business ventures between the two organizations, details of which would be discussed in details in Luanda.

During this stay, our delegation made tours to various sectors of industrial zone, agricultural farm, fishery, ship repairing and repairing facilities, including visit to Ministry of Fisheries, GAPE, etc. Also, had a pragmatic discussion with various leaderships of public and private sector representatives of The Republic of Angola.

The visit to Angola came to a successful end with entering partnership agreement to effectively implement for the 6-subjects intensively.

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