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Official Visit: "Meetings with Defense Sector of IGG Group and Petrochemical Industries Leaders

Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung made a visit to UAE of Gulf region on November 18-20, 2019. His visit was during the period when Dubai Airshow 2019 was held. At this trip, Dr. Jung was accompanied by CEO and Executive Director of production of military products in Korea.

Dr. Jung, with the special invitation extended by the Royal Commission of UAE, attended the airshow as a VIP guest along with Regional Advisor and Korean Delegation. This year the theme of the airshow was “Connecting the Aerospace Industry” with 1,288 exhibitors, 161 aircraft and 84,043 trade attendees. M.K works closely with partners in the Aerospace Industry both in Korea and abroad, meeting a unique opportunity on future collaboration.

Our delegation also had the opportunity to meet with top management of International Golden Group (IGG) under the leadership of its CEO with whom they had intensive discussions on various subjects, mainly in the Aerospace Industry and Military Supplies. Consequently, it was agreed upon that the delegation from IGG will visit Korea in December 2019 to accelerate further discussions with visits project sites and facilities in Korea, maturing the relations.

M.K continues to broaden its scope of business and collaboration with partners worldwide as it seeks to take a pioneer role globally in these defense and security sectors.

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