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Official Visit: "Meeting with leaders of PowerChina, GICFC and Moutai Group Organizations"

Chairman of M.K International Inc. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung has visited Beijing city in the People’s Republic of China from 4th to 7th of November 2019.

During the trip, Dr. Jung held high-level talks with “POWERCHINA”, the state corporation that is an industry pioneer in the fields of power and energy. Discussions were held on collaboration in the power industry, particularly in civil engineering and construction.

At the same time, Chairman Dr. Jung has been awarded a certificate by China Group Companies Association (CGCA), appointing him as a Senior Adviser to the Association.

Other crucial meetings between M.K International Inc. and associates from Global Influence Chinese Festival Committee (GICFC) were held on previously established business with partners from Moutai Group in the area of exclusive distribution of Moutai brand liquor.

Dr. Jung has also been awarded a certificate by GICFC, inviting him to serve as the Co-Chairman of the Presidium of the GICFC, responsible for Overseas Affairs and International Exchanges.

Chairman Dr. Jung’s business trip to Beijing ended on a high note since the business objectives have been met as planned. Moreover, various acknowledgements and awards by key industry players in China will show the value of M.K International Inc., especially it’s global achievements and capabilities in the areas of international business and cooperation in various parts of the world.

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