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"The 81st WKEC CEO Summit: International Diplomacy & Future of the ROK", the ROK 2020

On December 16th, 2020 " The 81st CEO Summit of the World Korean Economic Council (WKEC)" was held in Korea House in Pil-dong area in Seoul, Korea. In-depth discussions took a place on the theme of International Diplomacy and the Future of Korea.

Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, Chairman of M.K International Inc., Chairman of Global Business Development and Finance of WKEC gave a special presentation to the participants with advising future strategic planning for international diplomacy and future of Korea. Dr. Jung has particularly mentioned how to advance into African continents showing empirical experiences with public and private sectors for the last 35 years in business and diplomatic societies, also provided the insights for the current statement of Africa and pragmatic relations with Korea.


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