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Business Trip to China

From May 25-30 and June 23rd- 1st July Dr. Jung, the Chairman of MK International Inc., undertook two business trips to China and made visits to 4-major cities, including Qingdao, Nanjing, Tianjin, and Dalian, to conduct crucial business affairs.

The primary focus of these trips was to expand the supply networks of MK`s natural resources and chemical products including but not limited to Bauxite Ore/Cuppor Chrome, D2 Gas Oil, Light Crude Oil, LNG/LPG, etc. Dr. Jung accelerated the business relations meeting with business stakeholders in the regions during his visits to 4-cities.

In Qingdao and Nanjing, he dealt with the oil and gas industry by visiting storage and business facilities with engaging in extensive conversations on energy supply from sources of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asian regions. Esteemed representatives and executives from Chinese oil and gas demand companies invited Dr. Jung to China twice for meetings with the concerned products. During these meetings, both discussed annual suppliable quantities and quality as well as detailed procedures and effects to maturing transactions.

In Tianjin, the purpose of the visit was to set up a supply platform with capable old associates for a Provincial government-owned Group of companies. Leveraging MK's extensive network and influence in Africa, the company has been executing numerous projects in Africa over the past 40 years. MK and Chinese Bauxite buying companies maintained a friendly relationship for a long period of time, resulting in MK securing a long-term partnership agreement to supply Bauxite products from Guinea of West Africa to Chinese demand companies.

In Dalian, There were leadership meetings held among government dignitaries for media sectors as well as the Department of Commerce and Industries of Dalian toward cooperation to develop specific sectors.

Dr. Jung also visited a production plant for construction materials such as glass and interior finishing materials for floor/wall finishing. The processing plants for agricultural sectors including wine, tea, and other drinks products toward the exportation of thru M.K International network.

By continuously striving to provide quality financing services having an advisory role for private financing institutions and individuals in DaLian approximately 30 representatives from the Public and Private sectors.


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