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Business Trip to China in August

Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, the Chairman of M.K International Inc., made his way to Hangzhou on August 16-19 to conduct business regarding petrochemical products including diesel, crude oil, and natural gas. He made a visit to a leading Chinese Government-managed Petrochemical company, where he had fruitful discussions with the representatives from each department and explored opportunities for international trade and financing business. The willingness of both parties to engage in constructive discussions indicates a bright future for global petrochemical transactions.

China's vast resources create numerous opportunities for businesses around the world, and bauxite is one such example. Dr. Jung made trips to various Chinese cities to procure and supply specific natural resources including Bauxite Ore for Northern Eastern parts of China including Tian and Beijing to continue negotiations. We ultimately signed on contract with a total volume of 200,000 metric tons per month for bauxite trading. Plans to put this business into action will come to fruition soon. This significant milestone demonstrates our dedication and commitment to strengthening our market position with reliable partners in China.

Furthermore, he met with the Chairman of GICFO (Global Influence Chinese Festival Organizing) to discuss the upcoming event, which will be in 3rd week of September. Dr. Jung will participate in opening remarks at the event as a Chairman of M.K International Inc. and also Chairman of Asia-Africa Business Council (AABC) UN Initiatives.

The meeting with Heyi Group for Highly advanced technical managerial as Security & Monitoring devices to prevent natural disasters had a lengthy discussion to explore the cooperation.

A separate discussion on ICT, AI as well as Newer Substitutable Energy systems to protect the environment and create new energy for its R&D and application has a discussion with GuangdaLantian Environmental Protection Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


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