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"The 80th General Meeting of WKEC: Economic Cooperation Strategy Between Korea and Gabon"

On Wednesday 17th of June, 2020, The World Korean Economic Council (WKEC) held its 80th general meeting on Economic Cooperation Strategy Between Korea and Gabon at "Korea House" in Seoul, The Republic of Korea.

The general meeting was hosted by the Chairman of WKEC, Professor Sang-Duk Kim and co-hosted by the Chairman of M.K International Inc. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung. The topic of the general meeting was centered on "The Republic of Korea-Gabonese Republic Economic Cooperation and Trade promotion Plan" as well as "Economic Stimulus Package and Consumption Trend Post COVID-19".

At the forum H.E Carlos Victor Boungou, Ambassador of the Republic of Gabon to the Republic of Korea, who is also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps. in Korean and African Group of Ambassadors was the key invited speaker. Ambassador Boungou gave a presentation on "Brief Introduction on Business Opportunities in Africa", highlighting Korea's strategic value for Africa.

In his presentation, Ambassador Boungou emphasized the potential for even greater economic cooperation between Korea and Africa, especially the country of Gabon. He highlighted that African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), which if successfully implemented the agreement will create a single African market of over a billion customers and a total GDP of over USD 3 trillion.

Chairman of M.K International Inc. and Chairman of International Cooperation Committee of WKEC, Dr. Hae-Jung Jung made a presentation on "Economic Stimulus Package and Consumption Trend Post COVID-19". Being that, many industries have been negatively impacted by the effects of COVID-19, Dr. Jung's presentation was not only timely and informative, but much needed too.

Participants in attendance who represented various business, public and private sectors echoed the importance of Dr. Jung's well thought presentation that offered ways that can be adopted post COVID-19 in efforts to regain market stability and get back to normalcy in business society.

Among those present were 5 dignitaries of Ministerial Positions and 40 recognized leaderships from different enterprises who participated, supported by Korea Economic Media Group. Some of distinguished guests at the forum included Hon. Myong Oh, Vice-Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. HwiJae Lee, Secretary General of Indian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. JaeSin Yang, President of Hana Plus Asset Management and Mr. MinYoung Park, President of Hyeopseong University.

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