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"M.K Led Delegation Visits to Dubai and Abu Dhabi" UAE 2020

Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung led a high-powered Korean economic delegation to the UAE on February 6-11, 2020.

At the top of subjects to discuss for our delegation was to set-up manufacturing facilities and supply of Defense and Security equipment of Army, Navy and Air-forces. Previously, M.K welcomed a high-level delegation from International Golden Group (IGG) to Korea to discuss the similar nature of business and this crucial follow-up meeting addressed the final details of cooperation.

A visit to the defense industries was arranged by IGG and the Korean delegation was able to tour and closely access the working session at the field. Our team of experts was particularly interested in this visit, as IGG like to enhance, learn this technology and management in our manufacturing process. Korean delegation was specialized in manufacturing and O&M of the related facilities.

Thereafter, the Korean delegation toured the Head Office of IGG, where they were welcomed warmly by IGG top managements in various industries. Other subjects of discussions included the building, equipment and O&M of Military products and the production in UAE in national scheme.

The meetings in UAE were concluded on a positive output with commitment for further movements with rescheduled follow-up visit to Korea by the delegation from UAE in the coming month.

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