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Official Visit: "Meetings with ICT and AI Leadership, Miss Queen of Teen Continents" Namibia, 2020

Continuing with his business trip in the continent of Africa, Chairman of M.K International Inc., Dr. Hae-Jung Jung headed to Namibia, Southern Africa from January 31- February 3, 2020.

The Chairman was welcomed by MK’s Namibia Representative Mr. Gerhard Landsberg, with whom they had several meetings with stakeholders and leadership of ICT and AI sectors, leading by Prof. Peter Nutt. There was a 2-day conference between engineering and management sectors of the ICT and agreement to develop new era of 5G for it's transmission and distribution systems of SADC, aiming 4th Industrialization.

Dr. Jung has also met with the Queen of Miss Teen Continents 2019, Nicole Landsberg, having a future sponsorship of study in Korea and involving entertainment and beauty industry of the world.

Concerning industrialization and energy sector, Dr. Jung had intensive discussions with international leader Dr. Khalin, the owner of NTM Management, on the involvement of Industrial Park and Port Development, as well as international transactions of Gas and Oil Sectors, Mineral Sector and Bauxite.

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