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"Strategic Partnership Agreement with Chinese Partners" 2019 Beijing, China

Chairman of M.K International Inc. Dr. Hae-Jung Jung has visited the People’s Republic of China from September 22-25, 2019.

During his trip, Dr. Jung met with our existing partners in the city of Beijing for crucial follow-up meetings on various business projects currently underway.

At the same time, the Chairman met with new partners who are: Global Influence Chinese Festival Committee (GICFC), China Enterprise News Group (CENG), The Food of China (CWTO) and Beijing Aipinmu Technology Development Co., Ltd. (AAB-IPM).

After careful deliberation and intensive discussions held over several meetings, M.K International Inc. and these companies entered into Strategic Partnership Agreements. M. K International Inc. with it's capacity and expertise in conducting international business all over the world in over 50 countries for the past almost 40 years, among other things, will be helping with marketing Chinese products abroad: to the Arabic countries, Africa and also in Korea.

M. K International Inc. will also mobilize its partners in entertainment sector bringing media and other relevant media sectors for operas, concerts, musical performances and movie production in cooperation with our new Chinese counterparts.

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