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Official Visit: Business Trip to Conakry, Guinea

Chairman Dr. Jung visited the West African state of Guinea, Conakry from April 16-22, 2019. During his visit, he met with high-ranking government officials in the Guinean government, including H.E Alpha Conde, the President of the Republic of Guinea.

Other notable key government officials included the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics, Military Generals, President’s Aides, Governor of the Central Bank of Guinea, Private and Public sector Heads among others. Chairman Dr. Jung also met with local associates of M.K International Inc., notably Captain Alpha M. Diallo.

Among key projects being handled by M.K International Inc. in Guinea is the procurement of Guinean Bauxite, a valuable mineral. Dr. Jung had an opportunity to tour the mines in Guinea, together with a spectacular view of the mines from a helicopter offered by H.E the President of the Republic of Guinea.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Chairman together with assistance from the Guinean government, Dr. Jung had a fruitful business trip to Guinea.

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