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South Korean Interested in Eden

Adv Shaheed Patel (left) for the Kanaland Municipality and Hilton Slamit for MK International at the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony held at the King George Hotel. At the back, watching the proceedings, are Morné Hoogbard (left) and Dr Hae-Jung Jung. Photo: Myron Rabinowitz

GEORGE NEWS - A South Korean industrialist, Dr. Hae-Jung Jung, the Chairman of M.K International Inc. based in Seoul, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kannaland Municipality at a press conference held on Friday.

Hilton Slamit, the local representative of the company, said that discussions will be centered on housing issues, an industrial park and the upgrading of the refuse waste facility in Kannaland.

Kannaland Municipal Manager Morné Hoogbaard welcomed the memorandum of understanding. "The Executive Mayor Jeffrey Donson has approved the concept and it will soon be tabled in council for further discussion."

Dr. Jung confirmed that they are also investigating the possibility of building high-rise apartments in George. "We have concluded an understanding with a local consortium who will do the initial spade work for the project."

He added that nothing concrete has been signed as it is still early days. A presentation by Slamit at the George Council's October monthly meeting led to a heated exchange between the ANC's Alderman Bazil Petrus and the Speaker Mercia Draghoender. Petrus took issue with the speaker for allowing a private company to make a presentation to council and warned her that a precedent has been set, which will allow each and every potential service supplier to address council.

Article written by: Myron Rabinowitz

Original article are from GEORGE NEWS

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