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Chairman Profile



MBA, BS in Civil (Architectural) Engineering, USA


Ph.D in Business Administration (Honor's Role), USA


Graduate School of IT Electronic Commerce, Seoul National University, Korea


1981 - Present

Chairman of M.K USA Ltd., USA

1983 - Present

Chairman of M.K International Inc. 

1988 - 2003

Chairman of Kong-Ju Industrial complex in Korea

1995 - 2009

Director General of Korea Africa Association (KOAFA)

2001 - 2014

Honorary Consul General of Sierra Leone to Republic of Korea

2002 - 2004

Advisor  of Human Resources Development Service of Korea

2003 - Present

Honorary International Representative for Chungbuk Province, Korea


Vice Chairman of Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce, Consultative Committee, UNDP

Dr. Jung Hae-Jung


2003 - 2006

National Advisor of Korea International Trade Association for Africa & Middle East (KITA)

2005 - Present

Co-Chairman of Asia Africa Business Council, UN Initiatives

2007 - Present

Special Advisor to the President of Republic of Guinea-Bissau

2008 - Present

Ambassador Itinerant of the Republic of Guinea

2009 - Present

​Ambassador At-Large and Special Advisor to the President of Rebulic of The Gambia

2010 - Present

Special Advisor/Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University

2012 - Present

Foreign Policy Making Advisor of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea

2014 - Present

Chairman of Financial Committee of Korea-Ethiopia Business Council

2016 - Present

Investment Advisor to the Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City, Korea

2016 - Present

Chairman of Union Council of Silk Road International Business Association, China

2017 - Present

Chairman of Korea Veteran Welfare Public Distribution Inc. in Korea

2017 - Present

Chairman of Buddhist Association of TaeGo Order of Korean Buddhism

2018 - Present

Advisor of Asia Culture Economic Promotion Institute

2018 - Present

Chairman of the International Finance Committee, World Federation of Korean Business

2018 - Present

Organizing Chairman at the International Conference of "Blokchain and 4th Industrial Revolution"

2018 - Present

Chairman of Korea-Angola Economic Council

2019 - Present

Chairman of Korea-Mali Business Cooperation Council

2019 - Present

Co-Chairman of the Presidium of the Global Chinese Influence Ceremony for Overseas Affairs and International Exchanges, China

2020 - Present

Co-Chairman of First Metro Infrastructure Ltd., Nigeria

2021 - Present

Chairman of the Africa Insight Empowerment Committee

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