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Creating long-term value for your business through project and corporate financing

M.K International Inc. has grown by diversifying its business portfolio with engaging and bringing capitals, ready to satisfy stakeholders' goals, needs and requirements. Amid the important changes in doing business, our financing is a smart way to create a long-last valuable business.

Kind of Financing

Project Financing

Corporate Financing

  • Financial Investor

  • Senior Lender

  • Mezzanine Role


Agent to representing bankers

We support the necessity of our clients around the world through:

  • Industrial, commercial, residential/ development financing

  • Joint-venture partnership

  • Equity/ shareholding/ participation

  • Project based financing

  1. Identify business development

  2. Offering memorandum

  3. Firm order

  4. Term sheet evaluation and the section of arranger

  5. A decision on financing terms; syndication

  6. Preparation of financing contract and main financial contract

  7. Financial closing with signing


The use of the above procedure information is for your reference only. If you are an existing or prospective client, kindly consult with us directly for options to enhance your business projects and further detailed information. 

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