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Business Trip to USA, Germany, Poland and Qatar

Last 21st March to 29th, 2023, Dr. Jung, Chairman of M.K International Inc., took a business trip to Qatar, Germany, and Poland for intensive discussion to explore the international financing and energy supply with potential partners.

To cope with the recent incredibly booming related sector of business, Dr. Jung had to leave for Qatar on the same day he returned from his recent trip to the United States to manage the various activities to discuss and finalize the construction projects, energy supply, and financial projects with local and international customers and associates. In particular, LPG fuel and LNG in Qatar to business and registration and export-import processes for utilizing local resources were conducted.

Immediately headed to Hamburg followed by Qatar, MK discussed the most critical projects of this trip: the YSSZ construction project and the establishment of a marine cable car in the Ganghwa, in the Incheon, (GMCC) area. During the YSSZ and GMCC project financing meeting, they discussed organizing the content of the ongoing project to determine the final schedule of delivery of funds and construction schedule. During the meeting for the maritime cable car project GMCC, mainly discussed the preliminary process of evaluation by checklist for the early stages of the project development and financing.

The last country on the trip was Poland. In Poland, discussions were held on energy businesses, 4th industrial revolution-related projects, and the first discussion with an Eastern European energy specialist company, with the infrastructure and significant contribution to the growth of MK Energy’s business. They also had in-depth conversations with related partners on topics such as drone business, refuse incineration facilities, and general commodity trade.

After enduring several difficult years due to COVID-19, things are gradually improving these days. MK supports the success of various industry professionals who have faced challenges during this period. We expect and cordially ask for your continued interest and cooperative attention with MK.


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