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WFKB-M.K International Inc., Signed MOU with Angolan Embassy

The 75th Business Economic Summit Forum held jointly by the World Federation Korean Business (WFKB) and M.K International Inc. was held at the Grand Ambassador Seoul on November 23rd. The forum, which started with greetings from the former Deputy Prime Minister of Science and Technology, ended with the signing session of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the WFKB and Angola Embassy in Seoul, agreeing to cooperate in various business development projects.

“I trust Korea’s technology level and had requested for WFKB companies member to actively participate in the construction of infrastructure in Angola,” said Angola Ambassador to the Republic of Korea in his greetings.

Heo Kyung-koo, president of Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Development Corporation (KIND) said, “Korean companies would raise their interest for an opportunity to develop the cities in Angola.”

A special lecture was held focusing on the possibility of developing a blockchain to lead the fourth industrial revolution. Dr. Jung Hae-Jung, Chairman of International Business and Finance of WFKB said, “We should strive to build international trust by pursuing sustainable technology research based on positive development of blockchains. We should adapt to the expansion of international finance by considering the direction of international financial market and changes. It is necessary.”

At the forum, a discussion on the 2019 economic prospects and how to promote the employment in Korea through the support of both private and public sectors was also part of the agenda. Among the delegates in attendance at the forum were Kim Bong-ho (the former of National Assembly Vice Chairman), Jung Jin-tae (A Joint-Chief of Korean National Senate), Kim Yoon-sik (Chairman of Shindong Enercom), Kim Dong-wook (Chairman of KOAM International), Choi Chang-hwan (Chairman of Jangsoo Industrial), Chun Gil-joo (President of SAMBU Construction), and other Korean entrepreneurs.

“I will listen to the opinions of senior citizens who have contributed to the development of Korean society. At the same time, I will maintain the tradition of harmonizing ties between generations with younger businessman,” said Kim Sang-duck the Chairman of WFKB.

<article published at 26 November 2018 by 매일경제TV>

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